UEFA Champions League

Interactive Brand Book app


Bring to live a printed version of UEFA Brad Book, presenting to senior members of UEFA, style and assets of Champions League events for years 2012/2015. The tablet application needs to be available for both iPad and Android devices.


Inkable redesigned the printed version of the Brand Book created by Designwerk for the purpose of interactive experience, maintaining the style of the publication. Implementing multimedia and using kinetic typography to tell the story of the UEFA core values as well as intuitive touch navigation, created an immersive interactive experience, which successfully showcased the new branding.

Team role:

Digital Designer


Interaction Design, Android and iOS app development

Software used:


The essential objective of the project was the need for the application to be available for iPad and Android devices. Inkable took advantage of Adobe Flash and InDesign importing redesigned tablet version of the publication and enriching it with video, sound, kinematic typography and touch navigation.


The app was build to tell the story of UEFA Champions League core values and to showcase its new style. Simple touch navigation, allowing to swipe between pages and to access the brand guidelines from within the app as well as easy to access menu helped users to effortlessly discover the new refreshed branding.

The sound of UEFA

The soundtrack of UEFA Champions League events is a crucial part of the brand. Therefore embedding audio players allowed users to experience new sounds as well as various versions of the anthem was an important part of the app.

Video style

Video stings as well as extras showcased the unique style of live transmissions from the UEFA Champions League events and uncovered the behind scenes from studios around the world.


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