DHL Global Forwarding

"It's all in the journey"


Tell the story of DHL Global Forwarding shipment process based on provided screenplay and voice over. Integrate the motion graphics with DGF staff training program presentation developed by NKD Learning.


Simplifying each step of the shipment process to informative and engaging graphics was supported by video footage and synchronized with a voice over. Kinetic typography combined with animated iconography and sound visualized the story and created an immersive experience, helping trainees to understand the process of DGF shipment.

Team role:

Creative Lead, Digital Designer, Motion Graphics Designer


Storyboarding, Illustration, Motion Graphics,

Software used:


Each step of the motion graphics was designed with the synchronization of the voice over in mind, therefore timing and length of videos had to be carefully calculated. Videos included in the motion graphics were sourced from DHL media library in order to help convey the full story. Selected footage as well as flat illustrations successfully told the story of DGF shipment process. In effect the motion graphics made an excellent addition to the DGF training program.


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