Inkable has years of experience working on a wide range of project, which often required knowledge covering many design disciplines. Thanks to unique approach and process he's always been able to timely deliver design solutions to international clients.


Creating personality

Inkable helps to develop a personality of your business, making you stand out from the crowd. The right feel and look as well as consistency along the board will successfully convey the character of your company attracting the right audience.

Web Design-UX/UI

Engaging web users

With years of experience inkable designs clean and simple user interfaces for web, mobile and tablet apps. Starting from user profiles through wireframes and prototypes, inkable creates unique as well as engaging responsive websites and mobile applications.

Front end

Translating designs

HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery are the languages inkable uses to translate a design into an interactive experience. Wether it is a simple microsite or a responsive website inkable will code and integrate it with a CMS that meets your needs best.

Digital Marketing

Generating web traffic

Inkable also has an experience in engaging your potential clients via digital marketing tools. Wether it's responsive email campaign, newsletter or animated web banners inkable has it covered. Experienced working for clients like The Times, The Sun and Figaro Digital inkable guarantees to bring traffic to your website.

Digital publishing

Pushing boundaries of digital publishing

As a pioneer of digital publishing inkable has created the first interactive publication in 2011 along with a premier of Adobe Digital Publishing Suit beta version. Since then technology moved forward, so did inkable, pushing boundaries of interactive magazines and PDF presentations for clients like Arsenal FC and DHL.

Motion graphics

Telling stories

From animated logo indents to captivating animated stories. Inkable has an experience in creating storyboards and turning them into immersive motion graphics. Triggering senses with sound and moving image inkable will tell your story enhancing a positive perception of your company with multimedia.


Inkable believes in the power of visual communication, values honesty and passionately delivers design solutions collaborating with international brands and agencies.


Inkable is here to help you out. Please drop me a line and and I will get back to you as soon as possible.