Inkable believes in the power of visual communication, values honesty and passionately delivers design solutions collaborating with international brands and agencies.


The ability to see the big picture is the core value of inkable. Setting the objectives and planing the production of your project have proved to be the most successful approach.


The most important driving force. Love what you do and the rest will fall in to place. Passion is what motivates us and makes inkable go the extra mile every time.


Is essential to build a relationship. You are not a client. From an initial conversation through every stage of your project we are members of the same team.


Ideas rule the world. That’s why it’s extremely important to keep on searching for better solutions, always try to improve on what already exist and strive for perfection.


Dariusz Nowacki

Dariusz Nowacki

Founder and Creative Director


Inkable specializes in visual communication and typography, applying his abilities to digital and interaction design. His wide range of skills enables him to create everything he can imagine. From an initial brief to functional and successful product.


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